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My name is Donald Martino, born in Norwood Massachusetts in 1980 I’m the product of your typical dysfunctional American family. Emancipated from my parents at the age of 16, I dropped out of high school and got my GED. My professional career has mostly centered around Information Technology which has been great for paying my bills, but alas my true passion in life is photography, travel and adventure.

I first picked up a camera around 2004 when I saw some graffiti that I felt I needed to get a photo of. This led me down the path of figuring out how to take good photos. It’s taken many years of practice, and many many bad photos to finally get to a point that my photos are actually getting recognized as good. My work in the past has consisted mostly of abandoned buildings and cityscapes at night, lately I have started to shoot more street. I shoot mostly digital although over the last few years I’ve transitioned into medium format film and spent the summer of 2012 learning how to develop my own film and produce prints in the darkroom. I was commissioned to produce five 18×18 black and white gallery quality prints of an abandoned power plant in Philadelphia and most recently had a gallery hung at Next Door Theater in Winchester Ma for their production of Sunset Blvd.

On January first 2013 I blew off my right hand with a rather large firework (making the photo above a little ironic), but I’ve healed and have started to shoot again. I figure my life was getting easy so I had to give myself another challenge to overcome.

I’m not sure where my path in life is going, but I’m sure enjoying the trip.