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Happy 2013, it can only get better…

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As many of you may know on January 1st at approximately 2am I lit off a rather large pyrotechnic that would forever change my life. Having spent just over 3 months recovering from the loss of most of my right hand I finally ventured back into the working world.

April 8th I returned to work eager to get back into the normal swing of life, the week prior I had spent in NYC running subways tunnels, climbing bridges and breaking into abandoned hospitals. I told myself “Hell, if you can survive a week of illicit activities and couch surfing you can handle a normal work week!”. Sure enough I found getting back into IT Consulting easy enough, however after only 2 days back on the job my appendix decided it was going to almost rupture on me. Wed afternoon I reluctantly admitted myself back into the hospital and by Wed night I was an organ lighter than I had been a few hours before.

Thursday morning I get my release papers from the hospital and drive myself home (my mother carefully following behind me). By Sunday morning I have but a few small incisions to remind me of the ordeal, honestly I felt fine. Monday I head into work, being a city holiday the office is mostly empty, those in attendance are happy to see me feeling well and moving around normally. The rest of the day spent glued to twitter and reddit, trying to make sense of the days tragedies, my thoughts and condolences to all those effected by the events.

Today I show up to a packed office, my manager shocked to see me, asking for my release to work. I have no such paperwork to show him so I get sent home. At this point I’ve effectively run out my short term disability, bank accounts nearing empty and no source of income, I’ve decided to take drastic measures. I will be selling my left over prints from the Last Call Gallery hoping to generate some revenue with wich to pay some bills. All these prints are sigle run professionally printed and framed measuring 19×14 (printed) and 18×24 (framed) (there are 2 square prints that are 13×13 framed 19×19). I’m selling each for $250 ($100 cheaper than the gallery prices). If your interested please contact me at don@donaldmartino.com and we can make some arrangements.

Donald Martino


I’ve updated below to show the prints that are left. (May 13th 2013)

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